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My hope is that this memoir will help others dealing with the same situation and give hope and reassurance that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
I truly believe the key to success is having a positive attitude.


I found the author honest and very courageous in the way she shared her story. This young women should be an example of how to deal with such a boulder filled path in a positive way. She should be incredibly proud of herself and the children she has loved and raised so well. Any person should find this book not only encouraging but also very helpful when it comes to handling the perils of a marriage gone wrong. Congratulations Ms Alberts. You deserve much happiness and peace in your future. Thank you for writing this book.

@doin_it_alone just read your book in one session . You are a woman of amazing strength . Your story inspires and terrifies me .



As a young woman Leona’s biggest aspiration in life was to be a mother. She fell in love what seemed like overnight and was whisked away by her knight in shining armour. Before long they were married and starting their family. Just when it seemed like her dream had come true and she had her ‘happily ever after’ the walls started to crumble. The devastating breaking point was the discovery of an extra marital affair. What followed was the turmoil of divorce, years of harassment, financial struggles, re-education and learning how to love again.  

At one point early on she thought he was ready to step up to the plate and be a dad. Then he returned the kids with second degree burns. When he moved away she thought it was over and took a breath. But you can you can never breathe for long with someone like this. His motive was always more about controlling her than it was about the kids. 

In spite of it all she worked hard to compensate for his absence. She worked some crazy jobs to get by before returning to school. She coached her kids sports and never missed a game. While she seemed like the strong mom who could do it all, silently she was lonely and sometimes exhausted. She ventured into the dating world hoping to find love.

When her psychology professor was talking about narcissistic/borderline personality disorder she immediately recognized the symptoms of those displayed by her ex. Before long his erratic behavior caused her to involve the police. 

Dealing with such a person while raising three kids on her own proved exhausting. She had to separate anger, hurt and fear from the important job of being a mom.