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If you read the  'About Me' section you will understand the concept of this website.  I would like to share my personal experiences and how I was able to keep pushing through difficult times.

In my 'Favourite Biography' section I share other people's stories of survival. I find their stories inpiring. We can learn so much from others. And while my situation was not nearly as horrific as some of the stories I have read, it was difficult to me. And there were days I didn't want to get up. I am now writing my own biography for people that may be able to relate to my situation. After being married for 9 years I found myself alone raising my 3 kids. My ex I am sure has an undiagnosed mental health problem. He put us through some extremely unpleasant experiences. The fact is, I had to survive and I had to make the best of things for my kids. 

In my 'Blog' section I write about surviving and managing and coping with situations in life. Also, being passionate about health and the importance of maintaining health through difficult situations I will also write on that topic.

Feel free to give feedback. 


            My memoir is about a personal journey. It’s about the heartbreak and the emotional abuse I suffered in my marriage. It’s about my children’s father walking out of their life and reappearing only to cause anguish and harass us. It’s about picking up pieces and glueing pieces together in order to move forward. It’s how I shielded my three kids the best I could. It’s about resiliency and it’s about crumbling behind walls so nobody could see.

            What it is not about is blame. And it’s not about anger. I forgive my ex-husband for all that he did. I forgive him because I don’t believe he chose to be this way. And because he is the way his is, he is living in his own hell. I don’t wish his life on anyone.

            The journey I’ve been on since my married life fell apart has not been an easy one. It’s when I compare myself and who I am now to the person I was 10 years ago that I see that the journey has been worth it. Every tear and every hurdle has brought me to who I am today.

            The ups and downs of parenting, divorce, harassment, working, going back to school, dating and break-ups, graduating and not having a job and loving and letting myself be loved again.

(To be published later this year. Check back for more information.)